Nordock “NVTL” now online.

I’ve just posted the recently completed Nordock project featuring their awesome telescoping lip leveler. This project is a great example of why using 3D animation is ideal for explainer videos. This shows what the NVTL is and how it’s used in a clear and effective manner. You can check out the project here.
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What is motion graphics?

Motion graphics is an animation technique that combines digital graphic design elements (images, typography, video, footage and sound) with dynamic motion to develop striking animated content. While motion graphics tend to rely heavily on 2D animated graphic elements, Hatch Studios often combines this with 3D animation for truly unique results. Typical motion graphics examples include […]
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New website now live.

After a lot of hard work, I’m pleased to reveal the new Hatch Studios website. Featuring a modern face-lift, the site now offers full-screen video and graphics designed to impress. There’s also several new projects that hadn’t been uploaded to the site. Enjoy!
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