ShadeFX “Awning” now online.

The ShadeFX “Awning” project has been uploaded to the website gallery. This video was
developed for ShadeFX represented by PixelCarve, in Toronto, Canada. It was created primarily
with motion graphics and 2D animation techniques.shadefx_awning_image05

The purpose of the video was to showcase ShadeFX’s deployable awnings and how they can
improve business earnings. Our video shows an inviting cafe patio on a sunny summer
afternoon. Once the awning is deployed, the cafe quickly fills up with customers now protected
from the sun.

The video features a high-tech modern theme consisting of a holographic hud that connects to
various individual circular panels floating above specific customers. The panels track each
customer’s purchases and print out their total in sales.

On the right side, a larger main hud collects the data and prints out the total income from all
customers on the patio. Additional info such as weather details, occupancy, shade effect, graphs
and much more adds to the sophisticated hud display.

As our video finishes, we receive a final print out of the total earnings made during the day due
to the deployed awning. The tag line “Retractable solutions for outdoor spaces” reveals itself.
ShadeFX “Awning” was created entirely with After Effects using motion graphics tools. Almost
every single element animates itself on as well as off, each offset from one another so as to
create dynamic and overlapping animation. Select typographical elements in razor thin
typefaces accent the high-tech feel of the video.

The live action component was shot by the uber talented Ryan Priest at PixelCarve using time
lapse techniques. Since this was shot at 4K video, the resulting video provided enough extra
resolution for select cut ins. The video was edited together and colour graded within After
Effects Magic Bullet Looks.

ShadeFX “Awning” is a perfect example of Hatch Studios’ commitment to sophisticated and
dynamic motion graphic and 2D animation techniques.