The Benefits of Animated e-Greetings / e-Cards For Marketing

If you’re a small, medium or large-sized business, one important marketing strategy you’ve learned is to keep in touch with your clients over the Christmas holidays by sending out a holiday greeting, also known as an e-Greeting or e-Card. Animated e-cards offer numerous advantages for marketing purposes – a task Hatch Studios is often outsourced for.

For starters, they provide a fun and engaging way to communicate with customers, grabbing their attention and leaving a lasting impression. With animation, brands can convey their message in a visually captivating manner, making it more likely to be noticed and remembered amidst the sea of digital content. Additionally, animated e-cards allow for greater creativity and customization, enabling brands to tailor their message to specific audiences and occasions. This means they can be tailored to specific industry trends, both serious and / or lighthearted.

For example, mental health was an important topic this year and one that Hatch Studios recently deployed for Torys.

Torys “Happy Holidays 2023”

On a more sentimental note, this e-Card for Triovest centered upon their building capabilities and the people that make it possible. The use of high-end, modern 3D animation provides a polished and refined look.

Triovest “Merry Christmas 2021”

This heavy-stylized e-card, also for Torys, focused on the important role of seniors in our families – a sentimental and heartfelt topic. This is a great example of a sophisticated style of animation being used in a serious tone.

Torys “Happy Holidays 2022”

As shown in the example below, even more abstract themes can be visualized through animation, something that is often impossible to convey through other mediums. Since animation is fully customizable, branding guidelines can be maintained throughout the production resulting in tailor-made videos effectively carrying through branding identity.

Triovest “Merry Christmas 2022”

Whether it’s a festive holiday greeting or a personalized thank you message, Hatch Studios can developed animated e-cards offering versatility and flexibility, making them suitable for a wide range of cost-effective marketing campaigns. Animated e-cards serve as a powerful tool for marketers to enhance brand visibility, foster customer engagement, and strengthen relationships with their audience.