"Happy Holidays 2023"
Completed February 12, 2024

Hatch Studios had the privilege to work with Torys once again this year for their animated holiday video card. With a focus this year on mental health, Hatch and Torys developed a script that outlines the difficulties some of us encounter with mental health, both at home and the work-place. It serves as a gentle reminder to check in on the people we love with a simple, kind gesture. The 2D animated video was created using elegant modern motion graphics, featuring intercuts between our character at at home and at work struggling with the grind of daily chores. Beautifully-detailed environmental sets help emphasize the overwhelming stress that can accompany our lives. Animation was the ideal medium to help convey the message in a clear and concise manner.

This project was animated and composited in After Effects. The backgrounds were developed with MidJourney.


Directed by Richard Rosenman
Client produced by Stefanie Mantzanis
Animated by Brendan Sadaka

Produced at Hatch Studios Ltd.

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