"Employee Pricing – Cars & Trucks"
Completed September 26, 2010

This is the third of three spots recently finished at Hatch Studios Ltd. for Ford Canada featuring photorealistic vehicles driving across lush, 2D pop-up Canadian regions.

This spot features a tightly-integrated fusion of 2D motion graphics combined with 3D photorealistic elements. Most of the graphic pop-up backgrounds were created within After Effects using photographic elements once the 3D camera motion was exported from 3dsmax. The people were shot in a green-screen studio using the Redcam and were rotoscoped afterwards. A couple of scenes include a real vehicle that was also shot in-studio from which we seamlessly transition into the digital one. All environmental elements close to the animated vehicles are fully 3D while further ones are 2D. The typography was created and animated entirely in 3D, after importing the type-set from Illustrator.


Directed by Richard Rosenman & Larissa Ulisko
Produced by Holly Nichols
Production coordinated by Allison Samoluk
Vehicle modeling by Rowan Simpson
Environmental modeling and texturing by Chris Crozier, Kosta Lavrinuk
Animation and camera work by Kevin Vriesinga
Lighting and rendering by Florin Besleaga
Assiting lighting and rendering by Kosta Lavrinuk
Compositing by Larissa Ulisko, Andrew Vucko

Produced at Hatch Studios Ltd.