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The latest animated intro, this time for the Netflix Teletubbies show, is now online! You can check it out here.

The exciting new 3D animated character and accompanying commercial developed for Purpose Built Brands is now online! This project was a blast to develop, requiring the design and creation of a powerful clog-eating critter tackling the toughest drains. You can check out the full project here!

Check out the latest 3D animated sequences showcasing Ex.t’s gorgeous “Ray” washstand. The Ray washstand combines an elegant modern design with high quality materials and sleek detailing. You can check out the project here!

The latest project developed for Stacked Group using high-quality 3D animation is now online. The Riino transport autonomous vehicle is capable of steep inclines and high speed, thereby reducing costs. To learn more about this unique vehicle, check out the project here!

The second of three beautifully-animated explainer videos for AceAge is now online. Heavily-stylized motion graphics combined with elegant character animation results in striking videos explaining how the Karie automated medicine dispenser solves the problem of forgotten medication. You can check it out here!