Kid Cuisine
Completed April 21, 2010

This is the second of two spots recently created at Hatch Studios Ltd. for Kid Cuisine, USA featuring the “KC” penguin character transforming through the various Kid Cuisine meal themes.

KC had existed in previous spots but it was up to Hatch to push the quality even further and bring more personality to our hero character. Our agency friends from NYC were an absolute pleasure to work with.

This project featured a few interesting VFX components worth mentioning. All the trees are fully 3D, high in polygon counts, and rendered with VRay proxy. The swamp model is a rebuild based on reference material sent to us from Dreamworks of the actual Shrek swamp. KC covered in mud at the end of the spot has mud first generated with Realflow and then skinned to the character. Particle Flow was used for the dripping pieces.


Directed by Richard Rosenman
Exec. Produced by Randi Yaffa
Produced by Anne Deslaurier
Modeled by Rowan Simpson, Chris Crozier
Animated by Kevin Vriesinga
VFX by Tom Morrison
Lighting, Rendering & Compositing by Florin Besleaga

Produced at Hatch Studios Ltd.