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Anne’s Droids Teaser

Hatch Studios was approached by Sinking Ship Entertainment to develop the CGI component for their new pilot series. This involved developing the robots, modeling them, animating them, texturing them, rendering them and compositing them into their shot footage. The result is a multitude of beautiful shots with nicely-integrated CGI robots into existing film. We attended […]


A different interpretation of the traditional ink-in-water tests, this time with an emphasis on frenetic pacing and climatic visuals. I hand-built my own glass chamber using picture frame glass and shot various tests under dark, backlit conditions. Magic Lantern firmware was used for shooting with minimal compression but artifacts still showed up in post under […]

No No No

Another dynamic and powerful spot for GM Canada featuring trucks with kinetic typography.

Gets The Job Done

Ford Ranger is the right truck for the job.

Tragedy Of The Cosmos

Tragedy of the Cosmos was a short film begun at Hatch Studios in 2009. Although it was never completed a few shots were animated and rendered, which you can see below. The premise was two spacemen who crash land on an alien planet and their humorous attempts at getting off it.

In Dreams

A title sequence that explores the surreal world of dreams. Stills were shot in-house and built into environments to create a journey through the unconscious mind.

Work Play

We were provided with an edit of running footage. To make it more extreme, we pushed it in colour, texture, and highly coloured lighting effects. We also executed the type and lighting on the end treatment.


Ford trucks have the right resume.


Ford proves once again that it can…


Ford trucks love a challenge. A creative treatment developed with existing live action plates only.


D.A.N.D.Y. was our second short film produced at Redrover Studios Ltd., following the success of Plumber. It was begun in 2005 and because I left the company shortly thereafter, the work shown here consists of my production on the short during that time. Since then, D.A.N.D.Y. has continued to be developed although it is now […]

Break Away

Toyota Matrix “Break Away” was completed in July, 2004 for Saatchi & Saatchi, Toronto. The concept was to create stylized / realistic CGI Matrix vehicles that would split into multiple others in much the same way cells do. Although we had approximately four months of production time scheduled for this project, only one month was […]


Plumber was our first fully computer generated short film produced over a six month period at Redrover Animation Studios Ltd. in association with Bravo!Fact. It was directed by myself and Andy Knight and produced by Randi Yaffa. The concept initially began as a pitch for a grant from Bravo!Fact and, after a storyboard and animatic […]


This spot involved creating a fully working animated engine which would be composited as a cross-section view of the car’s internal workings. This was actually really challenging, since I know as much about engines as I know about Quantum physics. (That would be ‘not much.’) Therefore, extensive research into the workings of it, had to […]