"Break Away"
Completed July 4, 2004

Toyota Matrix “Break Away” was completed in July, 2004 for Saatchi & Saatchi, Toronto. The concept was to create stylized / realistic CGI Matrix vehicles that would split into multiple others in much the same way cells do. Although we had approximately four months of production time scheduled for this project, only one month was available for the actual production since the shoot could only take place four weeks prior to the deadline. Therefore, the first three months were invested in pre-production, specifically for modeling, research and development and pre-visualization.

“Break Away” was filmed in High Definition video since it was shot from dusk to dawn over a period of four nights and it was therefore decided that this medium would be the best suited for capturing the most light and color without the costly requirements of pre-lighting entire streets. Once we had the footage, it was tracked using Boujou and virtual sets were created for every CGI shot using high resolution environmental photographs which were taken during the shoot.

“Break Away” was modeled, rigged and animated with 3dsmax 6. It was rendered with VRay 1.09 using global illumination in conjunction with traditional lighting techniques and image-based lighting. It was composited using Combustion as well as After Effects.


Directed by Richard Rosenman and Andy Knight.
Vehicle modeled by Ben Pilgrim.
Android modeled by Chris Crozier.
Boujou tracking by Chris Crozier.
Vehicle rig by Mike Oliver.
Animation by Richard Rosenman, Mike Oliver, Chris Crozier and Ben Pilgrim.
"Blobby" animation by Kyle Dunlevy.
On-site photography by Chris Stewart.
Lighting and rendering by Richard Rosenman and Mike Oliver.
Lighting and rendering of android girl by Chris Crozier.
Edited by Scott Buscis.
Composited by Brad Husband.

Produced at Redrover Studios Ltd.