"Nutrigrain Twists"
Completed March 21, 1998

This spot required a computer generated Kellogg’s Nutrigrain bar bursting out of the package into two pieces, and then twisting together to form the product. In order to ensure that we ended up with an accurate representation of the pastry, we decided to break several apart and actually scan the texture, which we then used on our model. The loose flakes were constructed as individual elements, textured, and then applied throughout the surface of the model. The jelly was textured using a procedural shader which dealt with translucency properly. The wrapper bursting open was accomplished through morph targets, and the flakes that get thrown out were simulated with a particle system.

This spot was modeled and animated with Softimage, rendered with Mental Ray, and composited with Discreet’s Flame.


Directed by Richard Rosenman.
Animated by Richard Rosenman and Chris Johnson.

Produced at Topix Animation Studios.