"Frootloops Piranha"
Completed March 22, 2002

This spot was a 10 second tag, just recently completed for Leo Burnett, featuring a new variation of the Froot Loops family of cereals. Textures were scanned off the original food product, as usual, in order to retain the physical characteristics as much as possible. Bump, specularity and opacity maps were derived off the scans as well. The milk splashes were created with a simple metaball particle system and then composited over the rendered footage during post, along with some additional processing. Final frame renders with VRay proved to be of outstanding quality while remaining under the 30 minute per frame time restriction.

Modeling and animation were done with 3dsmax 4.2, rendering with VRay 1.0 and compositing with After Effects


Directed by Richard Rosenman.
Animated by Richard Rosenman, Ben Pilgrim, and Chris Crozier.
Composited by Richard Rosenman.

Produced at Redrover Studios Ltd.