Robin Hood
Completed November 7, 2005

Robin Hood “Giving” is the third and final spot for 2005 created by Redrover Animation Studios Ltd. for Smuckers Canada, represented by Ogilvy & Mather Canada. The spot once again reveals Andrew and Elizabeth being interviewed, this time at the dining room table in the evening. As this is a spot intended for the holiday season, they are shown wrapping their gingerbread cookies in gift boxes for “all of their favourite people in the whole world.” The table shows various gift-wrapping accessories, the freshly baked cookies (complete with handwritten names), a glamorous holiday candle ornament, and a kitchen cloth with the Robin Hood logo. The cold winter setting outside contrasts the warm dining room lighting inside and helps develop a cozy holiday atmosphere. Currently, Andrew and Elizabeth are on the front page of the Robin Hood website.

This spot was created with Autodesk’s 3dsmax 6.0, rendered with Chaotic Dimension’s VRay 1.47.03 using modern global illumination lighting technology in combination with traditional computer graphics lighting techniques, composited with Autodesk’s Combustion 4.0 and edited with Avid’s Adrenaline. The depth of field was produced with my own Depth Of Field Generator PRO plugin.


Director: Richard Rosenman
Character Designs: Andy Knight
Exec Producer: Danielle Araiche
Producer: Christina Helmer
Technical Director: Ben Pilgrim
Animation Director: Kyle Dunlevy
Assisting Animator: Matt Kowaliszyn
Environment/Prop Modeling & Texturing: Chris Crozier, Mike Oliver
Assisting Prop Modeler: Britton Plewes
Hair Dynamics: Mike Oliver
Lighting & Rendering: Richard Rosenman
Compositing: Brad Husband
Tag Graphics: Stephanie Dudley
Editor: Trevor Lloyd
Studio Ball Fetcher: Bondi

Ogilvy & Mather Credits:
Senior Art Director: Nick Burton
Chief Creative Officer: Janet Kestin
Senior Copywriter: Miles Markovic
Agency Producer: Shenny Jaffer

Sound Design: Pirate Radio

Produced at Redrover Studios Ltd.