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Tundra TRD

Hatch Studios was commissioned to produce several high-resolution, photorealistic 3D vehicle renderings of the Toyota Tundra TRD 2018 pickup truck. The result is a series of striking images showcasing the Tundra’s highlighted features. This project was textured and lit in 3ds Max, rendered with Redshift and color-corrected with Photoshop.

Break Away

Toyota Matrix “Break Away” was completed in July, 2004 for Saatchi & Saatchi, Toronto. The concept was to create stylized / realistic CGI Matrix vehicles that would split into multiple others in much the same way cells do. Although we had approximately four months of production time scheduled for this project, only one month was […]

Matrix Prints

These were test renders produced during the pre-production stage of the second Toyota Matrix commercial which can be found in the links below.

Shift Reality

Toyota Matrix “Shift Reality” was a spot just recently completed in under 1 month for both cinema and television broadcast. The concept was to show an animated commercial in which Toyota’s new car accelerates to such high speeds that the air resistance ‘peels’ off the animation thus revealing the live-action vehicle underneath. We then follow […]


This spot involved creating a fully working animated engine which would be composited as a cross-section view of the car’s internal workings. This was actually really challenging, since I know as much about engines as I know about Quantum physics. (That would be ‘not much.’) Therefore, extensive research into the workings of it, had to […]