Hatch Studios is a boutique studio specializing in creative production, including a wide range of digital media services such as 3D animation, 2D animation, motion graphics & explainer videos, visual effects, interactive, web, film, print, and much, much more. Hatch is a one-stop-shop fully capable of all aspects of production, including live action video & film, editing, sound design and post production for short form, long form, interactive and print industries.

Hatch Studios is Award Winning
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Hatch works closely with both creative agencies and direct clients, combining its extensive digital media production experience with the vision of creative, marketing, communications and training directors. Our impressive portfolio showcases an enormous diversity of styles and techniques suitable for any type of business, backed by respected clients such as Ford, Kraft, Autodesk, IBM, RBC, Disney, Honda, Fiat, American Express, Cogeco and many more.

Hatch Studios offers sound design & web interactive
Hatch Studios offers 3D animation & motion graphics
Hatch Studios offers post production & design

Whether you are looking to produce a commercial or web video, create an educational training piece, produce explainer videos, construct 3D product renderings, generate NFTs, design a 3D logo, develop an online ad, produce architectural visualization, assemble forensic animation, generate AI imagery, create compelling web graphics, rebrand your company, or simply design unique 3D graphics, the Hatch team wants to be your creative partner. With decades of experience in producing world-class digital media work for a wide range of formats, we work in partnership with you to develop concepts that will effectively and creatively engage your stakeholder group or target audience. From planning to creating, developing and bringing your stories to life through award-worthy visuals and content, we want to bring your vision into reality and generate the results that will support your business goals.