Cartoon Network
Completed April 22, 1998

This was a short which was created specifically to be aired at the Ottawa Animation Festival in 1999. Since then, it has won one award and been nominated for another. (For more info see awards). The short is a promo for a show called “Splat”, which is shown on the Cartoon Network and promotes talent in the animation industry. It features several lemming-like characters who strut over to the edge of a cliff, and hurl themselves to their deaths, forming the Splat logo with their bodies as they hit the bottom. (It’s not as bad as it sounds, really….)

The short was created in just under 3 weeks, from start to finish, which was definitely not a relaxed schedule.

It was modeled and animated with Softimage, rendered with Mental Ray, and composited with Softimage Eddie.


Directed by Mark Ainsley.
Animated by Mark Ainsley, Richard Rosenman, and Livio Passera.

Produced at Topix Animation Studios.