"Optical Service"
Completed April 17, 2023

Pixelcarve approached Hatch Studios to assist in the development of a high-quality 3D animation showcasing Kepler’s Two-Plane Optical Satellite Service. The optical constellation serice provides LEO satellites with an on-demand, high-bandwidth communications link to the ground for TT&C and Gbps class payload data. The system uses two near-orthogonal planes in sun-synchronous orbits, with satellites in each plane continuously connected optically using SDA-compatible optical links. The video demonstrates how the hybrid RF and optical satellite constellation is designed to modernize on-orbit communications by providing the Internet for Space.

This project was created with After Effects, using the Orb and Plexus plugins.


Directed & created by Richard Rosenman
Agency Directed & Sounds Design by Ryan Priest

Produced at Hatch Studios Ltd.