Completed September 18, 2018

Managhan Design Solutions approached Hatch Studios to develop a second fully 3D animated explainer video for Nordock’s Horizontal Telescoping Lip Leveler. The result is an elegant 5:30 minute explainer video showcasing what the NHTL is and how it operates.

The horizontal telescoping lip leveler was a CAD model that was provided by Nordock. The warehouse was also custom built and modified from the Nordock NVTL video to accommodate the NHTL machinery, while other less significant models were purchased and then adapted. Shots were set up from a storyboard which was then developed into an animatic. From there, shots were revised daily until animation was polished and finalized. The rendering for this project took approximately 10 days. Motion graphics were applied in post.

The intro and outro logos were also developed by Hatch Studios, along with the live-action edit off the top.

This project was animated in 3ds Max 2016, rendered in VRay GPU 3.6 using 4X GeForce GTX 1080 Ti’s and composited with After Effects.


Created by Richard Rosenman
Produced by Mike Managhan

Produced at Hatch Studios Ltd.

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