Completed December 15, 2014

Menger is an experimental film featuring animated KIFS menger sponge fractals creatively composited with special effects and dynamic sound design.

Because the animation of these fractals suggests a similarity to sea creatures & plant life, the compositing was treated as such thereby creating dark and mysterious underwater abstract shots.

The fractals were rendered using Kali’s Living KIFS script which comes bundled with Fragmentarium, a powerful GLSL fractal and generative system explorer. Because Fragmentarium is 100% GPU based, these frames took less than 2 seconds each with a GeForce GTX 680 using distance estimation rendering techniques. These would have otherwise taken hours using traditional CPU rendering processes.

Each shot required customization of the fractal parameters to find a new & unique shape, followed by a lighting setup (using spotlight and camera light), followed by rendering / export, followed by After Effects treatment & compositing.

Menger is a followup project to the original Fragmentarium image set created in 2012 which can be seen here.


Created by Richard Rosenman
Music "Bring out the sun" by "Epoxy"