"Crystal Light"
Completed May 25, 2009

This is a short tag for Crystal Light completed by Hatch Studios Ltd. The concept involved creating an explosive burst of vivid color within each glass to replicate the exciting mixing water effect. The tag finishes off with a virtual product box with an animated liquid pour.

We established early in pre-production that we were going to avoid creating yet another ‘mixing ink’ spot, like the many that currently exist. Instead, we focused on generating interesting fluid motions combined with bold and graphic treatments to give the Crystal Light a pleasing but non-photographic look.

FumeFX and Particle Flow were used to create the complex liquid simulations and each set amounted to approximately 30 gigs of data due to the sheer volume of particles. The rendering went quite fast since we used the Krakatoa pixel rendering engine. The rest of the look was created in compositing.

This tag was modeled with 3dsmax 2009, simulated with Particle Flow and FumeFX, rendered with VRay 1.5 SP3 & Krakatoa, and composited with Combustion 2009.


Directed by Richard Rosenman, Steven Hollman
Exec. Produced by Randi Yaffa
Produced by Carrie Jeffels
Modeling by Rowan Simpson, Raden Slipicevic
Animation by Dave Crispino
Texturing, lighting, rendering & compositing by Brad Husband.

Produced at Hatch Studios Ltd.