"Borterra Rodbot"
Completed March 4, 2024

MEDATech, a technology company that designs and builds electric powertrain systems, reached out to Hatch Studios for assistance in developing professional high-quality 3D renders of their products for their 2024 brochure catalogue. In specific, there were three models requiring representation: The Hiab RodBot, the SafeGrip and the WS6000. The CAD models were supplied by Medatech, then converted to a usable format and staged according to the proposed brochure layout. The use of 3D animation allowed for the models to be angled according to that would best exemplify their capabilities. Once textured, staged and lit, the final high resolution renders were produced and supplied as Adobe Photoshop PSDs, allowing the shadows to be on a separate layer and therefore offering maximum flexibility for re-scaling and re-staging within the brochure layout. 3D animation is a powerful tool for accurately marketing any type of realistic product in web, print or video.

In addition to 3D renders, Hatch also provided photo editing in Adobe Photoshop for various high-resolution prints. These involved re-coloring, background cleanup, environment replacement and 3D icon development.

This project was created with 3ds Max, rendered with Redshift and composited with Photoshop.


Directed by Richard Rosenman

Produced at Hatch Studios Ltd.