Aspect Biosystems
"Microfluidic 3D Bioprinting"
Completed July 1, 2021

Biofilm Media reached out to Hatch Studios to help create high-quality 3D animated technical animations showcasing how Aspect Biosystems’ exciting Microfluidic 3D Bioprinting technology works.

After a crash course in understanding the complex process behind the bioprinting technology, Hatch was able to explain the procedure in a simplified and easy to understand manner – the perfect use for photorealistic 3D animation. Additionally, a 2D sequence using modern motion graphics was also developed to help explain the molecular process involved in the conversion of biomaterial precursors into hydrogels.

This project was developed with 3ds Max, rendered with Redshift and composited with After Effects. CAD models were supplied by Aspect Biosystems.


3D Animation by Richard Rosenman
Live Action & Editing by Brian Calvert

Produced at Hatch Studios Ltd.