"FXWars QOTR Challenge"
Completed December 16, 2009

This is my entry for the CGTalk FXWars competition entitled “Queen Of The Rocketmen”, for fall, 2009. The premise was to create a scene based on good vs. evil during the WW2 era. CGTalk hosts monthly FXWars challenges with a heavy focus on CGI for visual effects.

My CGTalk WIP thread can be found here.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to work on this much at all and a total of approximately 6 full days was attributed to the entire project. I’m not very pleased with it but in the spirit of competitions, it’s only fair that I post it. This was mainly an exercise in projection mapping as the environment has been created from photographic stills.

  • cgtalk_fxwars_qotr_challenge_image05
  • cgtalk_fxwars_qotr_challenge_image04

This was modeled and animated using 3dsmax 2009, rendered with VRay 1.5 SP3 and composited with After Effects.


Created by Richard Rosenman

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