"Conveyor Belt"
Completed May 5, 2008

This is one of two spots produced by Hatch Studios Ltd. for Reach. Appropriately named “Conveyor”, it features a character being able to brush her teeth by sliding her teeth within her mouth.

Some interesting notes about this project were that we created the characters in a very stylized caricature form yet rendered them in a method which makes them appear very ‘tangible’. The oversized heads in proportion to the bodies further emphasize this as does the realistic lighting setup. In addition, ensuring that the teeth moving within the mouth didn’t come off as looking creepy was a challenge in itself.

This spot was created with Zbrush 3.1, 3dsmax 9.0, and rendered with VRay 1.5 RC3.


Direced by Richard Rosenman
Exec. Produced by Randi Yaffa
Produced by Holly Nichols
Character Designs by Angelo Libutti
Character Modeling / Rigging by Joel Mogeon
Modeling by Chris Crozier, Rowan Simpson
Animation by Kevin Vriesinga
Lighting & Rendering by Chris Crozier
Online by Patrick Coffey @ Relish

Created at Hatch Studios Ltd.

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