"New Computer"
Completed November 22, 2004

This commercial was produced in just over 3 weeks for RadioShack in time for the holiday season. Due to time rendering constraints, global illumination could not be used for the interior lighting. However, much of it was simulated with lighting effects. (For more info, please see Simulating Radiance). In addition, each room was dynamically set up so that a specific color could be selected and this would change all light colors, texture colors, and material colors at once.

Modeled and animated with 3dsmax 6.0, rendered with VRay 1.45.70. Composited with Combustion and After Effects.


Directed by Linzi Knight.
Art directed by Linzi Knight and Stephanie Dudley.
3D directed by Richard Rosenman.
Modeled by Chris Crozier.
Animated by Chris Crozier and Richard Rosenman.
Textured, lit and rendered by Richard Rosenman.
Keying and compositing by Brad Husband.

Produced at Hero Films Ltd.