Aird & Berlis
"Holiday Card"
Completed December 1, 2018

Aird & Berlis LLP, a highly-respected law firm, approached Hatch Studios to develop a fun and exciting 3D animation for the holiday season. A season’s greetings email would be sent out to respective clients with a link to view the animation. What started off initially as a much more limited 2D-style project turned into a far more dynamic and exciting sequence using 3D animation in which the company’s logo chevron takes the viewer around the globe highlighting the different countries in which Aird & Berlis operates within.

This video required a holiday feel and that was accomplished through the use of the pixie dust particle effect and, more importantly, the holiday music. The look was specifically designed to be a flat and graphic 3D style which was reminiscent of the original 2D motion graphics treatment, but when combined with global illumination rendering, it produced a unique and unconventional look. The city of Toronto 3D model was a massive and highly detailed set. The team at Aird & Berlis was a pleasure to work with.

This project was modeled and animated with 3ds Max, rendered with VRay GPU and composited with After Effects.


Created by Richard Rosenman

Produced at Hatch Studios Ltd.

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