PurposeBuilt Brands
"Green Gobbler"
Completed August 3, 2022

PurposeBuilt Brands approached Hatch Studios with a two-pronged task. First, update their 2D Green Gobbler character to a more modern design that would better represent the brand. Secondly, develop a 3D version of the Green Gobbler for various types of marketing purposes, including it’s debut appearance in a 3D animated commercial. The result is a fast-paced, fun and exciting 3D animated character full of personality and an endless appetite for clogged drains!

This project was animated in 3ds Max, rendered with Redshift, and composited with After Effects.


Created by Richard Rosenman
Animated by Curtis Hsiung
Modeling by Michel Bueno
Character Design by Dave Franciosa

Produced at Hatch Studios Ltd.

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