Completed June 11, 2000

This spot involved modeling and animating a Bounce ColorSmart product box unfolding itself and then transforming into a dryer.

This involved quite a bit of pre-production – more so than usual – as it was extremely important to understand how it would have to be physically constructed in order to achieve this. Each bendable piece of the product box would have to somehow reveal one of the physical pieces of the dryer by flipping over and adjusting it’s position and scale to match the proportions. The box was therefore split up into the number of parts that the dryer had, and each animated piece corresponded to it’s own animated dryer part. The final transformation worked very gracefully in the end. Lots of photographs were inconspicuously snapped at selected dryer stores. Finally, there was quite a bit of post processing done to the render to take some of that computer generated edge off.

Bounce was animated with Softimage, rendered in Mental Ray using Final Gathering global illumination, and composited in After Effects.


Directed Richard Rosenman.
Animated by Richard Rosenman and Sean Montgomery.
Composited by Marco Polsinelli.

Produced at Topix Animation Studios.