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Amooza Twists

Kraft Amooza Twists was created at Hatch Studios Ltd. for Kraft Canada. It features two streams of milk twisting together to form an Amooza cheese stick that then swaps to a real one and is torn apart by two greenscreen-shot hands.

Crystal Light

This is a short tag for Crystal Light completed by Hatch Studios Ltd. The concept involved creating an explosive burst of vivid color within each glass to replicate the exciting mixing water effect. The tag finishes off with a virtual product box with an animated liquid pour. We established early in pre-production that we were […]

Kraft Dinner Pimp My Ride

This is a :10 add-on tag for whole wheat KD as a follow-up to the previous Kraft KD commercial created at Hatch Studios Ltd. We feature the same style of characters and environments in a story that involves a farmer playing a joke on his friend. As he cuts the wheat field with his Pimped-Up […]

Kraft Dinner Combine Prints

These are production prints of the “Pimp My Ride” combine for the :10 second Kraft Dinner tag created at Hatch Studios Ltd.

Kraft Dinner Geyser Poster

This is a production print from the Kraft “Geyser” project produced at Hatch Studios Ltd. This print was modeled and posed with 3dsmax, rendered with VRay 1.5 RC3 and composited with Photoshop. The entire background has been created from numerous photo composites.

Kraft Dinner Geyser

This is a recently completed project produced at Hatch Studios Ltd. for Kraft Canada, represented by JWT. The project took approximately 6 weeks to develop with a core staff of approximately 8 people. This was an extremely laborious spot due to the sheer number of characters involved. Not only do we have our four hero […]