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Rice Krispies Rosey

An animated tag created at Hatch Studios Ltd. as a replacement to an already existing Kellogg’s spot.

Guitar Hero

Another recently completed project produced at Hatch Studios Ltd. for Kellogg’s featuring the new Guitar Hero cereal toys. This was a fun project to work on due to the rock theme it was supposed to convey. Modeled with Silo & 3dsmax. Animated in 3dsmax. Rendered with VRay 1.5 SP2.

Kung Fu Panda

A simple tag created at Hatch Studios Ltd. for Kellogg’s featuring their new “Kung Fu Panda” frisbees. Created with 3dsmax 9.0, Photoshop CS2, VRay 1.5 RC3 & After Effects 7.0.


A fun (and somewhat surreal) spot showcasing Yogos candy.

Indiana Jones

A piece showcasing Kellogg’s new light-up spoons! This spot required pack replacement.

Ice Age 2

This was a short tag produced for Kellogg’s cereal showcasing the Ice Age 2 cereal gift packs. Modeled, rigged, animated and textured in 3dsmax 8.0. Rendered with VRay 1.45.70. Composited with After Effects and Combustion.

Tony the Tiger

This was a small motion test of Tony the Tiger in 3D we produced over a short period of time for a pitch. Kyle Dunlevy did a great job on the animation and I used every trick in the book to make the shot appear energetic and full of action – which was difficult since […]

Frootloops Piranha

This spot was a 10 second tag, just recently completed for Leo Burnett, featuring a new variation of the Froot Loops family of cereals. Textures were scanned off the original food product, as usual, in order to retain the physical characteristics as much as possible. Bump, specularity and opacity maps were derived off the scans […]

Nutrigrain Twists

This spot required a computer generated Kellogg’s Nutrigrain bar bursting out of the package into two pieces, and then twisting together to form the product. In order to ensure that we ended up with an accurate representation of the pastry, we decided to break several apart and actually scan the texture, which we then used […]

Miniwheats Talk Show

This spot for Kellogg’s was pretty cool since we got the chance to model and animate Mr. Miniwheat in 3D. He was to be integrated with live action, so the shooting had to be done before the animation process began. Although the commercial was in French and required a substantial amount of lip-synching, the language […]